There’s always more than one way a story can be told and still be true. This is part of the human experience: telling and absorbing stories about people and their choices, about life and its complications.

The formal version

Björn Flintberg is a strategist employed at Research Institutes of Sweden, a national institute owned by the Ministry of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is also currently a Ph.D. student (Entrepreneurship & Innovation) at Luleå University of Technology, researching the Swedish computer games industry and key factors making it one of the most successful in the world. He is also an author, a publisher, a gamer and an appreciated advisor on strategic business development in digital service-oriented industries.

The less formal version

Björn Flintberg is an avid gamer nerd and seasoned game master and world builder. Since 2017, he’s been a publisher in the industry and is currently, alongside his work in applied research, pursuing a doctorate related to the digital end of games, investigating factors behind the rapid growth of the Swedish games industry from an entrepreneurial business perspective. He is the almost-forever-DM who made his hobby his life, and in the process applied the built-in curiosity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit he was endowed with.

Regardless, Björn Flintberg lives in south-east Sweden, an hour west of Astrid Lindgren and Pippi Longstocking, and an hour and a half north of Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA. These two symbolize well his life’s key principles: the passion and curiosity to forever explore, and the sensational feeling of building something better for everyone through entrepreneurship.

A short history

It’s really not about what formal titles you have. But in case it’s important to you, Björn holds a BA in History summa cum laude from Georgia College & State University, an MSc in Information System from Linneaus University and as noted above, is currently conducting Ph.D studies at Luleå University of Technology in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He has management and board experience in Swedish and international companies, but has his heart in the start-up world.

With more than 20 years of experience in the growth of information technology, many of them related to the growth of the public sector’s role in this new digital landscape, Björn has acted both as entrepreneur, manager and advisor to companies, public bodies and key individuals.

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